My story begins back when I was a kid with a snap-on cape and a burning desire to change the world. And while most kids have some type of superhero complex when they are younger, they eventually outgrow it.

Not me.

I have spent the vast majority of my life searching for the proverbial burning building that I would run into and save the day. Leaving my mark on this planet.

However, stuff like that rarely shows up when or how we expect it to. But more on that later. Upon the realization that it might take a little longer to change the world than I thought, I got distracted. I found myself graduating

When I started college I originally had the idea of going into Websites. But i could hardly find any source to learn about it.

My Mentors

helped me on Every Phase in Learning how to build an Amazing Website. After building my first website Creatormaster.com, and getting instant gratification of praise from others, I was hooked. The internet was my outlet. A new way to show and share my passions. I am so happy that I made that decision.

What We Write About

Technology is our core area of writing, however we also post about the environment, computers, the Internet, science, blogging, social media, gadgets and more. A full list of the topics we cover can be found in the footer.

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