What is the best productivity apps that you use frequently?

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)

Best productivity apps are difficult to find and implement. In this Article, I am going to share some of the best Application which I use frequently. You can also try this Application rather than spending countless time on other Social Media Platform

What is the best productivity apps that you use frequently? 1

Here are some of the application which I have mentioned below:

1) Google Fit – Best Productivity app


Google Fit which is health tracking Platform It can be used for tracking of Workout in our device. We can set our Goals according to our Workout and helps to keep Tracking daily. I had used this application a few months ago where this application gives the exact details of our Goals which we are doing on Google Fit

2) Any Podcast

The podcast can also be said as an updated version of FM. We must have to put a habit of listening to a podcast daily for our self-improvement & keep our brain in a state of intensified concentration. Listen to any kind of Audio you can search in the search bar, what kind of topic do you need and make use of this.

3) LastPass


If you are using many applications and websites then login credentials are not possible to remember all the details you have to save in any note for that I will recommend you to use LastPass which is available free of cost to save your Passwords.

4) Quora

Quora is the best platform where we can get the answer to any question. If you put up a unique question which has been not answered in Quora then you may get various Answer. Or in other words, Quora can be said as a knowledge sharing Platform. That’s what I am doing right over here. I also started to write Answer frequently on Quora.

5) Google Task


This application I use daily in the Morning for planning my entire day and make a short note of them. I have wasted many days without doing anything but if you want to achieve something you must have to be dedicated in that work, so I make use of Google Task for planning my full schedule once if the particular Task s completed then strike through it. You will get some inner satisfaction which I get most of the time

6) LinkedIn

I made my LinkedIn account in 2016 at that time I had no Idea I just keep on updating with random stuff, but now I got to know the Importance of LinkedIn where we can find the Professional in your Industry and we can get connected to them with the latest updates.

So these are some Application which I use Frequently. Will update more in Future. Stay tuned for the next Article.

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