Charging Cable Protector – Tricks to Fix & Keep your Charging Cables

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2019)

Charging Cable Protector /  Tricks to Fix & Keep your Charging Cables from Breaking, hate your charging cables breaking right?

Every one of us loves our “smartphone” cables as they charge our “smartphone”. But at times they possibly break by us. At times while charging and playing game or charging and talking on the phone. Below are the top solutions you can use to prevent it from happening in the future.

1) Pen Spring Trick – Charging Cable Protector

This is the Simplest trick of all. Ever heard of the Spring trick. If not, probably then you can use the spring of your pen and roll it over the wire in such a way that the wire is in the spring. That will do the trick from the wire getting bent. This is the cheapest way of protecting your charging cable. The spring protects the wire from getting damaged with any sharp object and also from getting bent too much.

Note: The spring should be rolled at the ends of the wire

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2) Electrical Tape Trick – Charging Cable Protector

The electrical tape, when wound around the wire, will make the wire grow fat and accordingly prevent excess bending and damage to the wire. This trick when done may look a bit dirty but is worth it. The elasticity and durability of the wire depends upon the wounds of the tape rounded by you on the wire. The wire cannot be bent much using this technique. Do be careful not to remove the tape later on as the wire will be sticky. As the glue from the tape will be stuck on the wire.

3) Purchase a Reinforced cord – Charging Cable Protector

Purchasing a cord might sound a bit costly right? But believe me, it will be worth your money and time as it will protect the whole wire. The wire will be made up of metal where its durability is increased to almost the maximum level of any smartphone charging cable. So there won’t be any issues for a long time maybe forever!! The Reinforced cord are available in various versions like 1A, 2A , 2.1A, 2.4A, 3A and along with many different sizes  such as 1meter, 1.5 meter and 3 meter. Be sure to pick the right cord for your daily needs.

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4) Purchase a Magnetic Cord – Charging Cable Protector

You might have probably never heard of the magnetic cables right?? These cables are in a special way such that the charging pin is always attached to your “smartphone” Android/iPhone. Whenever you want to charge your “smartphone” just attach one end of the wire to the charger and the other end of the wire to the charging pin which is attached to your “smartphone”.

When you are in a hurry and just pull the phone then the charging pin will disconnect as its magnetic thereby preventing damage to the phone and the wire. This is one of our top solutions for charging cable protector.

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