Chromecast Vs Firestick – Battle of The Best – Review

Chromecast Vs Firestick –  Battle of The Best – Review
Chromecast Vs Firestick
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

Chromecast Vs Firestick– If you’re in the market for the cheapest and the best media streaming device, then you’ve got two popular options to choose from: Google Chromecast, and the very popular Amazon Fire TV Stick. Both of these pull off the same basic tasks – playing your movies and TV shows from a variety of sources, but their approach differs.

The Google Chromecast is more of a service rather than a standalone product. You can open up a supported app on your Android or iOS device and just hit the cast option inside the app to connect to the TV. You can also mirror your device’s display if you like, and you can also cast from your PC, so you can view your saved videos, or even open up Netflix, Youtube and much more and play it on the TV if you want.

The Fire TV Stick itself is a device where you can install hundreds of apps on its internal memory, and it also has its own Bluetooth remote. There’s no need for your phone to be around, just the TV Screen and the Amazon’s dongle. Just name the movie you want to Display on the Tv Screen through the Amazon Fire Tv stick.

The Fire Tv Stick of Amazon offers the traditional living room a much better experience where you can browse various channels. Google’s Android TV is much closer to that idea. While the Chromecast represents a whole different approach to what we think as television. As a result, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick can be easier to use for us While the Chromecast itself is more flexible.

So, which one should you go for? Let’s find out

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Google Chromecast : Which One Is Right for You?

Fire Tv Stick vs Chromecast : UI and control

amazon ui

A good UI doesn’t only look better, but it also lets you get your things faster. Amazon has greatly improved its Fire Stick OS over the years. You even get a ‘Recent’ tab on the home screen which shows you the most recent app you accessed, or the Prime Video title you were watching. That’s great as you can continue watching a movie which you had left off last night.

The Chromecast doesn’t technically have much of an interface as it’s basically a conduit for the video. All the navigation and selection take place on your device – be it a phone, tablet, or PC – and you can’t do anything on your TV screen.

With the Chromecast, to do even basic things like skipping forward in an episode, or switching to a different movie, you always need to locate your phone or tablet. Most modern TVs have HDMI-CEC, so you can at least pause the video from your TV remote. You can even use Google Home to control the Chromecast via voice controls, but it costs a lot more than the Chrome cast itself and isn’t even officially available in India yet.

On the other hand, the fire TV Stick ships with a Bluetooth remote, that is one of its best options. You get a control pad for navigation, buttons for playback, and even one for voice search. Amazon additionally contains a fire TV remote app for Android and iOS. The app is beneficial to own since typing on a TV with a remote is usually a nightmare scenario.

With the app, you can use all of the functions which the remote is capable of. But that’s really about it.

Since the Chrome cast depends on your device, for the most part, the Google Home app lists compatible media apps then suggests other such apps that you simply don’t have. And from the app’s Devices section, you’ll be able to pause playback, or stop casting.


Fire TV stick vs Chromecast : Search

The Fire TV Stick has a dedicated search tab, where you can type and search in what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can just hold on the voice button on the remote, and state your query. Sadly you can only use it to search for any Prime Video title by speaking.
Though the Chrome cast contains a companion Google Home app for Android and iOS, its catalogue indexing doesn’t work on the far side YouTube and Netflix.
Even with those, it solely shows you half a dozen titles – unfortunately, there is not any search option.
It eventually comes all the way down to opening completely different apps on your phone and manually searching for what you wish to look at.

While the Fire TV Stick will look up apps, it doesn’t launch them, something both Google Now and Siri support.
If you are looking for things, doing so on your phone with the Chrome cast is probably going to be faster than using the fire TV.

Winner – Fire stick

 Chromecast vs FireStick : Performance and quality

The Chrome cast and Fire TV Stick both have an output of1080p when it comes to video quality. The latter also has support for H.265 (HEVC) files. Thanks to the quad-core chip inside, so your Prime Video titles will load faster and consume less bandwidth. And since Amazon’s offering also has internal memory (unlike Google’s), it can pre-fetch video files to further reduce wait times.

On the opposite hand, phone app always tends to induce updated first and be a lot of optimised than their Android TV counterparts. Meaning you’ll get newer options with the Chrome cast, and encounter fewer bugs, or crashes. You’ll examine that very well, from our expertise with Indian apps on the Fire TV Stick.

Both sticks have support for dual-band Wi-Fi, therefore there’s no downside with network speed or congestion. The Fire TV Stick additionally has Bluetooth, that permits you to pair up wireless headphones for audio. That’s a neat addition, particularly if you frequently watch TV along with your partner sleeping.

Winner – Fire Stick

Chromecast VS FireStick : Apps and services

Google claiming around 20,000 apps. By comparison, Amazon said it had 3,000 apps, games, and services for the Fire TV Stick. Each offer you access to the fore most popular services. Netflix, Hotstar, Eros Now, Voot, Sony Liv, Airtel Movies, and lots of more.

But with Google and Amazon on a warpath, their own offerings are missing on every other’s platform. You won’t get Prime Video on the Chrome cast, and Play Music is missing on the fire TV Stick. Thankfully, YouTube works on the latter, by looking forward to the website’s TV-optimised version.

The other advantage of the fire TV Stick is that you just don’t go to have all the apps continuously on your phone. while not them, you wouldn’t be able to cast something to the Chrome cast. That’s even a lot of frustrating if you don’t have enough space on your phone.

Winner – ChromeCast

Ask Google Home or Alexa – Chromecast Vs FireStick

Ask Google Home or Alexa

You can sync Google Home with Chrome cast and the FireStick with Alexa to control some TV content via voice. Here when you connect your Google Home to your TV and Chrome cast / your Amazon Alexa to your TV and the Fire TV Stick; when they’re linked, you can even say things like, “OK, Google/Alexa, play Sultan from Netflix on Chromecast/FireStick.”

Winner – Tie

Cast VR View to the TV – Chromecast Vs FireStick

Cast VR View to the TV

Watching someone’s smartphone screen displaying on the Tv wouldn’t be really amazing??. Like if you want to teach your family how to use a particular app or use it.
This technique can also be used to cast virtual reality on the TV screen. This kind of feature is available in both the Chrome cast and the Firestick

Winner – Tie

Cast Facebook Videos – Fire TV stick vs Chromecast

Cast Facebook Videos

Casting Facebook videos directly to your tv screen would be a cool thing, wouldn’t it? As there’s plenty of great content on Facebook Live that would benefit from being on the bigger screen. Where you can enjoy a funny video with your Family. To send a Facebook Live broadcast to a TV, make sure the device you’re casting from, and the TV both are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then open the Facebook Live broadcast and hit the Cast icon that appears on the screen. This kind of feature is also available in both the Chrome cast and the Firestick

Winner – Tie

Cast From Google Slides – Chromecast Vs FireStick

Cast from Google Slides

Provided that, you have any work on the presentations and you want to cut off the headache of transferring documents then this is for you.

If you use Google Slides, you can even show your presentation via Chrome cast. Click the “Present” option on the top-right of your presentation, select “Present on another screen,” and pick your Chrome cast device that’s all. This kind of feature is only available in the Chrome cast and not the Firestick.

Winner – Chromecast

Download Google Slides for Android from here
Download Google Slides for IOS from here

Cast Pics From Google Photos – Chromecast Vs FireStick

Google photos

In Chromecast vs Fire stick Google Photos supports both the Chromecast and fire stick so you can cast your pics from Google Photos on iOS, Android, and the PC to your TV. Look for the Cast icon on the top of the Google Photos and tap to connect.

Note:- The Google Photos will only support firestick once you download the google photos app on it and sign in. So chromecast has the better function as it directly displays on the screen.

Winner – Chromecast

Download Google Photos for Android here
Download Google Photos for IOS here

Streaming Music -Chromecast VS FireStick

Streaming Music

Every one of us loves to Stream music especially we love to stream music when it’s in our home theatre. Here Chromecast and FireStick both have an amazing feature to stream music.

Google play(Chromecast) has its own Music app – Chromecast  vs FireStick

In Chromecast vs Firestick, Download the Google Play Music (Android or iOS) to play music through your TV with Chrome cast. Just Open the app, select the cast icon, choose Chrome cast from the device list, and select what you want to play. You can even join the Google Play Music to stream any music for a monthly subscription, which also includes free streaming radio and YouTube Premium.

Download Google Play Music for Android here
Download Google Play Music for IOS here

Amazon(Fire Tv Stick) also has its own Music App – Chromecast  vs Firestick

Download the Amazon Music (Android or iOS) to play music through your TV with Fire stick. You can use the Amazon Music app to listen to music you’ve purchased from the Amazon Digital Music Store on your Fire TV device. You can also listen to music included with Prime (if you’re an eligible Prime member) or your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

Download Amazon Music for Android here

Download Amazon Music for IOS here

Winner – Tie

Game Time Decision – Fire TV stick vs Chromecast

Game time

In Chromecast Vs Firestick. It’s not a PlayStation, but the Chrome cast and fire stick can be used to play some fun family games. Download games to your Android or iOS device to use your phone or tablet as the controller, while the game runs on your TV.

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Winner – Tie

Conquer the Amazon Video – Chromecast VS FireStick

Amazon video

For chromecast vs firestick the Amazon Video is very Popular these days as it offers to a stream of various movies from the latest ones to the oldies.
Open the browser and navigate to Amazon Video and Click on whatever you’d like to watch. Select the menu on the top right. Then select “Cast” and a pop-up window will ask you to select the device to which you’d like to Cast the screen too. The downside is that you’ll have to go into the browser to control the video.
whereas on the other hand, Amazon has the movie player as an inbuilt feature, so there wot be a hell lot of work.

Winner – Amazon

Be Our Guest – Fire TV stick vs Chromecast


Here in Chromecast vs Firestick, When you have houseguests for a week or party guests for a night, you might wish to let them decide what to watch while not giving them access to your Wi-Fi. You can flip your Chrome cast to Guest Mode within the device settings, and anyone with a Google cast ready app which is open within about 25 feet of the Chrome cast will be ready to cast once the choice shows up on their device. If this fails, the user will manually enter the four-digit PIN which will be displayed on the TV into the app’s settings on their device.

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Winner – Chromecast

Chromecast Version 3 – ( Chromecast vs Firestick)

Amazon Fire TV Stick ( Chromecast vs Firestick)

Overview – Chromecast VS Fire TV Stick

 ChromeCastFire Stick
Ui and ControlGood OneBetteron
SearchGood OneBetterone
Performance and QualityGood OneBetterone
Apps and ServicesBetteroneGood One
Ask Google Home or AlexaTieTie
Cast VR View to the TVTieTie
Cast Facebook VideosTieTie
Cast from GoogleSlidesBetter OneNot available
Cast Pics from Google PhotosBetter OneGood One
Streaming MusicTieTie
Playing GamesTieTie
Amazon VideoGood OneBetter One
Guest ModeBetter OneNot Available

Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast —-  Get Fire TV Stick here

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Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast —-  Get Chromecast here

Chromecast vs Fire TV Stick —-  How to Setup Chromecast

What do you think about Chromecast Vs Firestick Comment below. What do you think what will be the future features of Chromecast Vs Fire TV stick ?? Do comment below and stay tuned for more.

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