How to Clean white Shoes Nike ??? It's beyond clear at this point—fashion that most of us are obsessed with white sneakers. But one trendy question is just how one is supposed to keep them so white; for instance, one quick trip to the Restaurant, Party or a coffee shop could result in a number of muddy, dirty, or oil-centric disasters which we would not love on our shoes.

And yet, celebrities, bloggers, fashion editors, and everyonehow to  in between always seem to sport only the whitest of white sneaks. How do they do it? We did a bit of digging to come up with some super-helpful tricks to keep those babies sparkling long after you've made the initial purchase.

There are tons of handy tools in the market to brighten your shoes. But they cost a lot of money.

The solutions below may sound crazy but trust me its worth it and i have tried it myself.

1) Brighten your Shoes using a Toothbrush & Tooth Paste toothpaste

Isn't it obvious that The toothbrush has a small thread like plastic which cleans our teeth to the fullest and keeps them white??? the same toothbrush can keep our shoes white too.

The toothpaste has dirt cleaning capabilities-white in colour which when used makes our teeth shine very bright.

Take some toothpaste on your toothbrush.
Brush the shoes with the brush until it shines bright.

How to clean sneakers

Here is a Video Demonstration - How to Clean white Shoes Nike using Tootbrush & Toothpaste