How to take Good Photos with Phone | Best Quality and perfection

How to take Good Photos with Phone | Best Quality and perfection
(Last Updated On: June 23, 2019)

Did you ever wonder how to take good photos with phone??

Quality images are a must in today’s world cause people do not have time to just take thousands of photos and segregate the blur and improper ones.Quality images are usually taken by professional photographers but in today’s world I don’t think so that professional photographers cant get beaten by the normal “smartphone” user

Below are the top Tricks to use to get best Quality Images on your “Smartphone”

1. Get to Know your Camera to take good photos with phone

Knowing your phone camera is very important as it can give you a clear idea of what your Camera can do.

Like your single back camera phone can also have the ability of the dual camera phone i.e. background blur ability.

Ever knew it?
The background blur ability of a single camera smartphone can be done from a small object of around 15 cm distance.

You can click excellent quality pics using the HDR mode as it will only click an image when it is completely focused.
The paranormal mode will let you click large images based on a horizontal or vertical image.
There are many built-in effects on your smartphone like mono, sepia, negative, aqua, posterize, fresh, movie, calm, memory, gorgeous, elegant and cool.
Use Flash: to get the images in a perfectly clear order whether it’s in the dark or low light, flash helps you to take very clear images.

Check out your phone camera settings
Aspect Ratio: It is the ratio of the screen image like you want to get the image to its maximum length or have a bit of effect.
Photo Resolution: The photo resolution always makes your camera image clarity high.
Snap Mode
Normal: Always click images using the button.
Touch: Just click an image by clicking anywhere on the screen.
Timer: Set a timer and click an image
Smile: Just smile that’s all.
White Balance
Auto: The phone automatically sets the white balance ratio:- incandescent daylight fluorescent cloudy twilight shade warm fluorescent are some white balance modes.
ISO: It is the phone image Capturing speed:- 100,200,400,800,1600 are some of the many capturing speed.
Triaxial levelling: To capture a perfectly horizontal or vertical image.
Guidelines: These guidelines guide you to take images in perfect order as they display lines on your smartphone.
4 Grid 9 Grid equiangular spiral are some of the guidelines.

2. Get Close to the Object

How to take best Quality Images on your Smartphone

When you want to get a great Picture always remember to get closer to the object. As the closer, you get to the object the more details are captured in the camera.Later when you zoom after capturing the image. It won’t have any affects the image quality.

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3. Get the right Amount of Light

How to take Good Photos with Phone | Best Quality and perfection 1Getting the right amount of light is really difficult right??Also is very important as it can affect your image quality. It is one of the key elements to take good photos with phone.

It’s always difficult to maintain the right amount of light, especially in the night.So, we have a solution for you.
Use a portable led spotlight smartphone led flash for android and iPhone devices.
This is an external led flash with “16 Led” lights which will help you take excellent quality images in low light and dark environments.

4. Keep the Lens Clean

Keeping a lens clean is always very important as it will give a clear image of the object which is in front of you.So always keep it clean for excellent quality images. A lens cleaner kit can be benefitial for anytime usage. Especially when you are on a trip.

5. Use – Photo Editing Tools

Photo editing tools is a must. There are many photo editing tools available on Playstore and Appstore. Each tool is different. Some tools will edit the photos automatically for you, whereas other tools will give you several options to manually edit the photos. Cropping the photo, Changing the background and even changing the brightness levels are some of the common tools.

6. Avoid Digital Zoom

Digital Zoom is the means when you zoom the camera before taking a picture.If you use digital zoom, then the images are usually broken down. So, the quality of the image is disturbed and the depth of the image gets compromised. So later on if you then zoom the image then it seems to be blurred. So, remember not using much of digital zoom. If you wanna take good photos with phone.

7. Use a Tripod Stand

How to take best Quality Images on your Smartphone

Tripod stand for a smartphone is usually not used by everyone. It can help you get images at perfect angles. Tripod stands usually are of different heights one can take the tripod stand of his he own choice. I.e according to height. The best benefit of using a tripod stand is that you can take steady images without much of disturbance.

8. Purchase a Zoomer

How to take Good Photos with Phone | Best Quality and perfection 2How to take Good Photos with Phone | Best Quality and perfection 3

Taking good photos with a phone is not that easy as it seems you should know about one of the many aspects such as the zoomer. Ever heard of the phone camera zoomer??? If not, then the zoomer is a lens same as the one in DSLR camera. It zooms your image to a good amount.

The zoomer comes of various Zoom length like 8X times and 12X times and also 24X times. The zoomer will maintain the quality of the image and it’s easy to set up. See in the pic above as it will show how the setup will look like.

SO you might have got now howto take good photos with phone. Try it yourself and mention which one truly worked out for you in the comments below.

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