PUBG Zombie Mode – 13 Tips and Tricks to Get Chicken Dinner

PUBG Zombie Mode – 13 Tips and Tricks to Get Chicken Dinner
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2019)

The PUBG Zombie Mode has recently released by Tencent in the Mobile Version of PUBG. The Zombie Mode is Actively been Promoting by Tencent on social media. The PUBG Zombie Mode is made on celebrating the release of Resident Evil 2. The new mode is available as the EVENT Mode.

The new zombie mode requires players to work on their battle royale skills for killing zombies and winning matches. The PUBG zombie mode match takes place over two nights and a day, throughout which zombies keep coming in various frequencies. While many players could use their existing PUBG skills to win in matches, the developers have offered two new weapons to help players in their quest for slaying zombies.

The zombie mode could be called classic PUBG with alternating day/night combined with more enemies in the form of zombies and bosses. The limited time mode is also much more intense where survival becomes tougher than in the classic PUBG Mobile match. Here are some tips and tricks to improve the chances of chicken dinner.

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Tips and Tricks to Get Chicken Dinner in PUBG ZOMBIE MODE

The new Weapons on the Zombie mode has a huge effect in winning the game as their firepower changes the face of the game at night in front of the zombies.

Flame Thrower – PUBG Zombie Mode

This new weapon has come with the recent update of PUBG Mobile. This is the coolest weapon in PUBG MOBILE right now. Flamethrower is nothing but a gun that helps to fire continuously. It deals continuous damage from the gas bottles which is available as a part of the loot. This gun helps you to kill more and more zombies. The flamethrower has a short range of about 10 meters and targets burn for an additional 4 seconds after being hit. It does around 45 damage per second to players and around 200 damage to zombies.

M134 Machine gun – PUBG Zombie Mode

machine gunThe M134 Machine Gun is 200 rounds in one go – that’ what the M134 Minigun can do. It takes 0.8 seconds to start firing which is a bit slow and uses 7.62 mm ammo. Each round deals roughly 46 damage, and the firing rate of this massively strong gun is about 20 rounds per second. Perfect then to slay those annoying zombies.

Knife – PUBG Zombie Mode

Want to stay low during a zombie attack? The compact knife deals with 90 damage for each hit. It also deals double damage to zombies.

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Zombie Grenade – PUBG Zombie Mode

Do Look for Zombie Grenade while gathering Loot in the Zombie mode. You can use them during the day when you or your squad is surrounded by enemies. Don’t worry, the zombie bomb will simply give rise to new zombies so that your enemies are busy protecting themselves while you and your squad kill them. The Best way to use the zombie grenade is when the circle is small and there are very few players left. If you spot a player but you cannot shoot him properly no worries. Throw on the zombie grenade and rush onto the player to kill him in order to get chicken dinner.

Zombie vaccine – PUBG Zombie Mode

There are health kits, med kits, syringes and then there’s a newly introduced zombie vaccine. The zombie vaccine can help you heal much faster in the middle of the zombie attack. No matter how good you may be at shooting zombies, you might end up in a compromised position with low health during the night. Zombies keep on attacking mercilessly during the night and there are chances that you might end up losing a lot of Health or even your Life. If you use the zombie vaccine, you can heal quicker. This helps you restore health quickly and get back to shooting up those zombies.

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Know your zombies in PUBG Zombie Mode

Each Zombie has a different ability where one can spit on you, few run behind you and damage you with their hand and others run behind you and harm you with the knife. The best way to get rid of the Zombies is by giving them a headshot. Always try shooting the zombies on their head and move backward at the same time as shooting on the head result’s in much more damage to the zombies.

General zombies – PUBG Zombie Mode

zombie generalThe usual zombies may look weak but once they attack in a herd, you might have to run for your life. It is most advisable to stay safe on a rooftop and kill them from far away, But beware of the Zombies which can spit on you from the ground. Be aware of the zombie with the shield. No specific name has been given to this Zombie with its own armour and shield. This Zombie leads to high damage and hitting on the Face is most advisable when shooting bullets on the shield has no effect on it.

Licker – PUBG Zombie mode

LickerThe Lickers look nasty in the zombie mode and deliver a deadly blow when they attack on you. The moment you spot one, try attacking it with your squad or alone before it knocks you out of the game. Shooting the Licker will be a bit difficult as it’s on the ground and you will have to shoot the Zombies on the head. But no worries if you shoot perfectly on the head it leads to high damage to the licker.

Tyrant – PUBG Zombie Mode

TyrantThis is a zombie that will look to kill you while you make a run for the air drops. The tyrant puts up some serious fight but killing it does reward with a set of impressive weapons. One can win an AWM and an 8x scope and a Machine Gun or Flame Thrower when killing the tyrant and can assure to get chicken dinner. But the exact location of the tyrant is unknown and one has to look out for airdrop to reach it. Always lookout when the tyrant will strike you with a mudball.

G(Stage 1) – PUBG Zombie Mode

In the PUBG Zombie mode we can find a huge structure which is known as the R.P.D. or the Racoon Police home of the strongest and most menacing zombies, G (Stage 1) can be only found in the Raccoon Police Station. Since the usual weapons might require more ammo to slay one, you might want to attack one of these with the squad. One can win an AWM and an 8x scope for chicken dinner and a Machine Gun or Flame Thrower when killing the G(Stage 1) the exact location of G(Stage 1) is unknown. Most of its location is yet to be noticed only on open grounds where it cannot be the structure cannot be seen on the map. If one wants to locate the R.P.D then they can locate it when jumping from the plane in the air.

M416 & M762 – PUBG Zombie Mode

There is no doubt in the true potential of M416 & M762. makes them one of the most deadly guns in PUBG Mobile. These guns use 5.56mm and 7.6mm ammo and can seriously damage the zombies as well as other real enemies. These guns can save a lot of time battling the zombies boss.

Stock up on Ammunition and Med kit – PUBG Zombie Mode

Try to gather as much as ammo you can during daytime for dealing with the Zombies at night
When night falls, zombies spawn from everywhere. Once these zombies attack, they come around in huge numbers and won’t give you much time to collect ammo if you are out of them in between the match. Hence, use your ammo carefully. Shooting all the Zombies at night in the first wave can give you a few seconds to collect ammo for the zombies which will come after that. The backpack capacity has been increased in zombie mode hence you might be able to carry much more ammunition.

Choose an area to take on zombies in the night – PUBG Zombie Mode

When playing in squad in PUBG Zombie mode and the squad is alive. Choosing an area to kill the Zombies is the most preferable as one can just run and kill the zombies. You can kill the zombies of your team mate. walking around and shooting zombies is preferred on second night whereas on the first night you can sit in a room with single entrance and kill the zombies.

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Spend the night Together – PUBG Zombie mode

Spending the night together in PUBG Zombie mode is as risky as spending the night alone, as the amount of zombies which are spawned are much more when in a squad. Do be aware that the zombies run after the player with the highest RP. When that player is knocked out then the zombies move on to the next player.

Video Demonstration of PUBG Zombie Mode

So guys what do you think about post? Can you get Chicken Dinner using these techniques in PUBG Zombie mode? Try this do comment below and tell us which trick worked out for you the best. Do tell us how many times you got Chicken dinner after reading about The Tips and Tricks to Get Chicken DInner in PUBG Zombie Mode (this Post).

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