Tips & Tricks to Become a Reputed Social Media Influencer

Tips & Tricks to Become a Reputed Social Media Influencer
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)

Would you like to become a Famous Social Media Influencer?

Do you want people should come to you to get your advice?

Are you trying to become a Brand?

Publishing on social media is the most Popular way to share your knowledge of expertise and develop your influencer status. It would Feel much more awesome when people follow you and you become a brand for them, wouldn’t it?

In this article, I’ll share 10 tips that can help you become a social media influencer. Here we will tell you the best way of internet earning, meaning social media influence in just a few days.

Who is Social Media Influencer?

  • Social Media Influencer is a normal social media user like us But he has established credibility in a specific industry.
  • He has access to a large amount of audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.
  • A person should have a specific post category in their social media channels like facebook, twitter and Instagram.


1. Get to know your Focus

To become an influencer, master on a specific topic within your niche. If you cast your net too wide, it will be difficult to gain the amount of knowledge necessary to be considered as an expert.

You can Either focus on one social media industry such as get 100k Free followers and Get Famous on Instagram or on a single platform like  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.

For example, Sue B. Zimmerman (also known as #Instagal) found success in the social media space by focusing on Instagram. She is now the go-to person for those looking for advice on Instagram for business.

You can Start small and learn as much as you can about your desired niche through research and experimentation. That way, you’ll be able to discover the ins and outs of your speciality and form your own ideas, as opposed to simply restating other’s opinions. This is a very important step on your way to influencer status.

2. Trending

Social Media Influencers always use a Trending topic to get famous and rank out from everyone else. The trend Differs from time to time, but there are few topics which stay trending throught the years. Eg. Motivation Quotes, Motivational Videos, DIY Crafts and many more… If you cant think of any topic then just find a Trending one by searching on Google Trends. This kind of a topic can be easy but it always depends on the trend.

2. Subscribe to Blog Platforms

Social media is a unique Platform as it is in constant usage by Millions of People. Stay on top of the latest platform updates, such as algorithm changes, new analytics and added features, as they can drastically change a social channel and the way it’s navigated.

Whether you want to be viewed as a Brand on a social media channels or a broader industry, read platform blogs regularly: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. There’s no better way to keep tabs on any social media channel.

3. Read Relevant Blogs/Channels Daily

Reading Relevant Blogs or Social Media channels will help you Focus on your Topic. These channels will even give various ideas such as comment below and get a follow from us. These kind of Ideas will boom up the followers and Engagement of People on your Social media channel.

In addition to platform blogs, read various other information outlets to gain valuable insights into your niche. Study news, expert opinions and case studies that are published or shared by people you trust.

By using a tool like Feedly you can subscribe to a variety of relevant industry blogs. This will benefit you from different viewpoints and helpful advices.

4. Set Topic and Keyword Alerts

Reading press releases, news alerts and relevant posts is key to staying informed. When you know what’s happening, you can keep your followers in the know.

Since it is very impossible to keep track of all of the information from platform blogs and your favourite outlets, invest time into creating alerts directly related to your focus. Two free tools that make it easy to stay on top of relevant news are Google Alerts and Social Mention.

If you’ll hope to be viewed as an influencer, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re always aware of the latest news. Better yet, know what changes are coming even before they’ve been implemented and clue your readers in.

5. Looks


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Lets be Honest if your content looks good on instagram and its easy to understand, why wont people follow you? The trick is a must use and one the most profitable factor which increases the influence of people on various social media platforms. You can also promote various products through your social media platform and increase the sales ratio with this.

6. Memes – Make it Interesting/Engaging

Who doesn’t love memes? They are usually at the top when it comes to increasing the engagement of users with your content. Sarcasm can be another benefitial factor to increase the user engagement. In this kind of trick you can make a memes page too where you need not show your Face. All you have to do is create a memes page on the most trending topics..

7. Share Valuable Content

Once you’ve determined your focus and have implemented a system for keeping on top of the latest news and information within your niche, start sharing high-value influencer content with your audience via social media.

If you’re a platform-specific type of influencer, use that as your primary social network. Utilize the others as well to get even more visibility.

To be Known an influencer, people need to see you as a resource. Analyze your audience and share content that they’ll find useful. Post original articles, plus posts from other trusted sources to make a Brand.

Keep your content organized for easy access so if someone asks a question, you can quickly grab content that provides an answer.

8. Populate Your Blog

Populate your blog Social media influencer

If you haven’t already done anything like this then, create a blog on a publishing platform such as WordPress. Then write your blog posts and publish it consistently. You should shoot to publish at least three to five times each week.

Note: Publishing everyday would be much better.

To stay on track you can create an editorial calendar and stick to it.

In addition with your own content you can even partner with other influencers. Interview them, invite them to contribute to your blog or run a promotion together that gets shared on everyone’s sites. Share for Share is the most popular type of promotion used by various influencers. Where both the influencers share a particular post or an image on their story or post and ask people to follow the other influencer.

9. Contribute to Other Sites

One of the quickest ways to gain influencer status is to contribute your unique content to other blogs and publications. Guest posting always increases your visibility, bolsters your credibility and increases traffic to your own blog.

Seek out the most appropriate and popular social media websites and blogs, research submission guidelines and reach out.

After your content is published, do let people in your network know. Tweet a link, share it on Facebook, tell your other online communities and add it to your LinkedIn profile publications. Also, keep an eye on your article’s comments, so you can respond to any questions or remarks (both positive and negative).

10. Engage Online – Social Media Influencer

Enganement Social media influncers

To be a social media influencer, you always need to be seen. Social media influencers regularly take part in relevant conversations across a variety of networks which helps them seek attention from various people. Attend and participate in Twitter chats, Instagram Replies and webinars (and host Twitter chats too), answer questions on Quora and share ideas in LinkedIn groups.

Also, engage regularly across platforms. Don’t just tweet, post, comment, like and share. Add your comments and opinions.

Sharing your knowledge is how you’ll truly stand out as an influencer.


If your ultimate goal is to be an expert in the digital space and to be known as a great influencer, then there are plenty of things you can do to raise your profile. Develop your expertise and use social media Platforms to raise your status to an awesome influencer.

What do you think? What is your niche? How did you develope your reputation as an influencer? What platforms get the most engagement? In what other ways did you engage with your audience and shared your expertise? How did this post help you become better?

Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below.

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