Virtual Reality Gloves which will change the Future

Virtual Reality Gloves which will change the Future
(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

“Virtual Reality, an amazing world that allows us to live lives where we have unlimited possibilities. Not only do they help us interact with our new worlds but they also help us interact with our own.”

The world as we all know it is rapidly developing. There was a time when people used massive computers to design things. In today’s world people work on most of their things on their smartphone and a bunch of the things on their laptop. Virtual Reality is the future as we all know it, its developing yet. In order to bring the Virtual Reality to life, we have different gear that appeals to our dominant senses; sight, sound, and touch. For sight and sound, we have VR headsets. For touch, we have specially designed Virtual Reality gloves that act as a wearable interface.

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What Exactly is Virtual Reality Gloves?

best virtual reality gloves vr

Virtual reality can be a truly amazing experience, but a single touch of an object in the virtual world doesn’t really seem to a physical touch you would expect in real life. Overall There are limitless possibilities in the Virtual world. You can play golf, surf in Hawaii and even climb on Mount Everest.

1) VRfree – Virtual Reality Gloves

The VRfree glove is made up of very high-quality electronic components which offers you the highest possible freedom of movement along with high precision. The glove itself is produced at a very renowned glove-producer.

These Gloves do not cover your fingertips and an HMD mount come as a pair with these gloves. With a range of around 6 different sensors connected to the HMD and gloves, you can experience your interactive experience without having to rely on 3rd party tracking devices. It boasts a low latency of 30ms from hand to HMD, mobile operation and extremely high accuracy. Its lightweight has long battery life and tracks your hands beyond your frame of vision. This product was built for a better immersion experience.

These gaming gloves are designed with the present in mind but it also has the potential for a deeper level of immersion. Its designers are determined to master the hand and finger tracking before adding touch sensitive features. This means that your overall experience will be much better. Some gloves have prioritised total immersion at the expense of gamers. There are no extra features that may not be used in your favourite games. Its beauty lies in its simplicity which makes it one of the best Virtual Reality Gloves . This was clearly designed with gamers in mind.

2) Hi5 – VR Gloves

The Noitom Hi5 Virtual Reality Glove is designed for capturing over full hand and finger action in virtual reality. You can have both hands in the experience with the IMU sensor technology. Hi5 VR Glove delivers a lightning-fast response, pinpoint accuracy and plug-and-play convenience for transporting hands easily into the virtual environment. It is made by the company which has revolutionized the amazing motion capture industry, the Noitom Hi5 Virtual Reality Glove fulfils the promise of fully immersing you inside the virtual world.

These fingertip-less gloves boast a 5ms latency, full finger tracking (with plug and play, and quick calibration), and haptic feedback to give you a more immersed experience. Their breathable, environmentally friendly, and antibacterial material keeps them dry and clean(which is not found in many gloves); making them very low maintenance.

The AA removable battery that powers each glove ensures that you lose not much time charging the gloves and spend more time using them. With its sensor technology, it has the ability to track your hand movement more precise. These gloves are truly made for your participation.

The Glove when Paired with an optical tracking system, this can make your Virtual Reality experience a little more expensive than you may have first thought. It must be said that the experience may not feel as natural as you’d wish but it does have great potential. With haptic feedback being the holy grail of the Virtual Reality world, you could get a seat at the last supper with these gloves; all you’d need is the right code.

3) VRgluv

The Vr Glove with its futuristic design and team of ambitious engineers as parents, this glove certainly looks the part. It has 10 zones sensing and providing forces on each finger. This means that whenever you lift an object in the virtual world, you’ll actually feel them; from snowballs to baseballs, the difference in the objects are experienced by the user.

The Gloves can let you feel almost any material with the help of pressure sensing on each finger. Up to 5lbs of force on each finger helps to recreate each object as you interact with them. It boasts a latency period of 10ms, captures complex motions and gestures, and has thumb tracking in all directions regardless of whether your thumb is bent or not.

Its wireless design makes for a hassle-free experience. It’s comfortable, breathable, flexible, and weighs less than a pound. It has rechargeable batteries that could be interchanged with others if the need arises.

4) BreqLabs ExoGlove

Virtual reality is indeed a fascinating prospect and it is even getting more exciting with the development of VR gloves. One of such (VR gloves) is the Exoglove designed by BreqLabs [in collaboration with Humber College and TriOS College]. The glove captures finger gestures and 3D postures to help its wearer experience the immersive technology in a distinctive way. VR gloves have been known to have limitations or fail on some of the occasions but this particular one has shown itself to be incredibly viable. It has been quite effective for controlling laptops without even having to tap on the keyboard. It has also been found functional for playing games like Mario 64 and fish-sim – though its capabilities as a game-controlling device are yet to be fully realized.

Integrated into Exoglove, are sensors that make it possible for the glove to track hand posture with tremendous accuracy; plus it even covers a considerably wide range. These sensors are powered by a three-way subsystem for tracking hand position, finger movement and haptic perception. Lets quickly state here that Exoglove is not a glove per see; it is a wireless attach (clip-on) attachment that consists of five rings, and it can be fastened around the wrist. The glove is compatible with devices such as Epson Maverio B7-300, Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT E1-10, Samsung Gear VR and many others.

We’ve got the Oculus, Google Daydream and the likes, and now, there’s also the BreqLabs Exoglove which is no doubt an innovative piece. It has got loads of benefits when you intend using it to play games or wear one to aid mobility in case of impairment in the arm. Professionals like video editors, surgeons, artists, etc. will also find this piece very useful – its versatility and uniqueness clearly stands it out of the box.

5) Senso

These wireless and fingertip-less gloves are probably the most streamlined VR gloves in the market. There are not many bulky attachments to it, just a little box at the back of your hand that you’ll even probably forget that it is even there. It boasts haptic feedback on each individual finger, 10ms latency, and 10-hour long battery life. The seven sensors track your fingers as precisely as possible in order to give you a seamless integration into your virtual world of choice. These were made with you in mind.

The camera-less IMU based tracking system as a model that has been marred with inaccuracies but this pair seems to hold its own against the competition. The upside to this is the convenience of it all; there is no need for extra expenses with this pair. With about 150 measurements being taken every single second, the tracking system is quite accurate and this allows for a better user experience all-round.

6) Dexmo

This Virtual Reality exoskeleton came up onto our list because of its amazing capabilities. With a full range of hand motions and force feedback, this gadget will have you truly interacting with virtual reality in the real world. It’s lightweight with relatively long battery life. It also boasts a wider range of motion capturing than most of its competitors. With over around 20 predecessors, this flagship product is a highly refined and inherently intriguing. Its looks will have you feeling like a member of the robot army that fought Will Smith in the movie iRobot. Their technology really differs from others like it as their competitors’ design allows your hands to go through objects

It also comes with its own software development kit (SDK) so developers can take full advantage of its exoskeleton’s capabilities. As more games start to integrate touch into their environments, this product will be almost invaluable. It uses NRF to communicate accordingly as Bluetooth and Wifi were seen as inefficient means for its data transfers. It must be said that the design is very limiting in the overall sense that the virtual object’s density can be felt but its texture can’t be. This limits the potential for immersion.

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